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Soft Men, Hard Times

Last tended on April 18, 2023


There's a well-known saying that hard times create hard men, hard men create soft times, soft times create soft men, and soft men create hard times. We are currently living in a period of soft men and hard times, where the concept of toxic masculinity has become prevalent. Suppressing masculinity and strength can lead to even harder times, which is why it is crucial for people to embrace their strength and discipline.

Toxic Masculinity vs. True Masculinity:

Toxic masculinity is often associated with anger, meanness, and aggression. However, true masculinity is about strength, discipline, and the ability to stand up for oneself and others. A military, for example, is necessary to protect a country from external threats. Without a strong military, countries become vulnerable to the actions of other nations with more aggressive militaries, as we have seen with Hong Kong.

Weakness as a Virtue:

In today's society, weakness is often seen as a virtue. However, Jordan Peterson, a renowned psychologist, presents an alternative perspective. He suggests that individuals should strive to be "monsters," ruthlessly ambitious and strong, but learn how to control and channel that strength. This idea aligns with the old expression, "It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war." One can still be kind if they are strong, but being weak does not enable a person to develop the strength needed to face challenges.

The Dangers of Embracing Weakness:

Many weak individuals are trying to gain control and gather like-minded people to create a culture of weakness. They are willing to embrace ideas that have proven to be disastrous and led to the deaths of millions in the past, such as in Mao's China and Stalin's Russia. This shortsightedness is driven by their desire for their tribe to win, and they are often joined by other weak, simple-minded individuals.

The Importance of Embracing Strength:

It is crucial to recognize the value of strength and not allow thousands of years of progress to be undone. Just as dogs have been bred from wolves over thousands of years, men should not be bred into weaker versions of themselves. Embracing one's strength, ambition, and discipline is essential in navigating today's complex and challenging world.


In a time of soft men and hard times, it is more important than ever to embrace strength, discipline, and ambition. By doing so, we can create a society that can face the challenges of today's world head-on and prevent the cycle of weakness from perpetuating. We must remember that being strong does not mean being unkind or aggressive, but rather having the ability to stand up for what is right and protect ourselves and others when needed.

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